At Normanhurst Vet Practice, we consider the health and safety of our customers and staff a top priority. This is particularly true in the current unsettling circumstances with the spread of Covid-19. We love to care for your pets, however now more than ever we are focused on ensuring that we do not contribute to the spread of any infection, particularly Covid-19.

All of our staff have received the Covid-19 vaccination.

We will continue to work our usual hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm; Saturdays 8am to 4pm; Sundays 10am to 12pm.

So that we can continue to care for your pets, we have made some changes to some of the things that we do in the clinic. Some of the changes that we have made include the following:

  • Please use the hand sanitiser at the front desk when you arrive and leave the clinic (you will only need to use ½ pump);
  • Only enter the clinic if there is no one in the waiting room. If you need our attention please wave to us or call us on 9489 6000.
  • Only one person to attend each consult;
  • Each person entering the clinic must wear a face mask and sign in using our QR code;
  • If your pets need food or medications, please call in advance to pay over the phone so that we can organise all that your pet requires;
  • If you or a person in your household is exhibiting flu-like symptoms or awaiting results of a Covid test please wait until you are well or have received a negative test result to book your pet in. If they require urgent medical attention please call us on 02 9489 6000 to arrange a contactless appointment.

We will continue to offer housecalls during this time. In the light of Covid-19 we will endeavour to maintain adequate social distancing, and we will ensure adequate personal protective equipment is worn to ensure there is minimal risk to you or your pet. Please call us on 02 9489 6000 to discuss the practicalities of doing a housecall for your pet in more detail.

We hope that everyone remains safe and healthy.