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The Normanhurst Vet Practice team

Like you, we are passionate about the well-being of animals!
We want pets and their owners to enjoy each others’ company and experience the many benefits that flow from having a pet as an integral part of the family. A key aspect of this is ensuring that your pet is healthy and happy; and our wide range of veterinary services, all delivered in-house when required, are a major part of that process.

Need a Consultation?

Our hugely experienced, highly-trained and ever-friendly team of vets and veterinary nurses offer a wide range of pet services at Normanhurst Vet Practice. As pet owners ourselves, each team member fully understands the feelings of anxiety – both in the pets and for their owners – and always offer a sympathetic environment during our professional consultations. Why not give us a call today?

Did you know?

VET home - icon 1Pets having anesthetic are given a blood test and intravenous fluids to help identify the internal issue before general anaesthetic.

vet home iconFluids are given to help maintain normal blood pressure and ensure the comfort and safety of your
pet at all times.

VET home - icon 3

Your pet’s heath is monitored throughout the entire anaesthetic process with our state of the art equipment and professional veterinary staff.

Got a pet emergency?

It happens, and we have seen it many times. When an emergency strikes, it is important to get assistance as soon as possible. Our team here at Normanhurst Vet Practice can be contacted on 02 9489 6000 between 8am and 7pm Monday through Friday; and at weekends: 8am – 4pm each Saturday, and 10am to noon on Sundays.

Should the need arise and you need urgent assistance, our Mobile Vet Service is also available, helping us to get to you as quickly as we can and assisting you through this difficult time. We understand the need for a quick response to urgent situations. So please call us and we will choose the best solution to assist you and your pet as quickly as possible.