Professional pet dentistry services

Just as with humans, your pets can suffer a range of dental problems. Sometimes these can be fairly obvious through bad breathe or the loss of a tooth. However, more often it is very difficult to notice dental disease because pets are so good at hiding troubles with their mouth and showing minimal signs of pain. As an owner, you’ll be keen to avoid unnecessary tooth pain and allow your pet to maintain normal oral functions. Again as for humans, a routine dental examination, at least every year, can encourage prevention rather than lead to a need for later pet dentistry treatments.

Taking you through a pet dental procedure

Such a procedure is an effective way to eradicate dental infections or diseases that can cause your pet ongoing discomfort or often quite acute pain. It’s also important to appreciate that infections which start in the mouth can, if not effectively treated, spread to and cause serious problems in other areas of an animal’s body; sometimes even reaching as far as their heart.

Such procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic. The starting point is to thoroughly remove both calculus and tartar from all of the teeth. Once the calculus and tartar are removed, the mouth can better be examined for gum recession, cracked or fractured teeth can be detected, tooth root infections analysed and periodontal disease assessed.

It’s possible that problems, often initially hidden by the build-up of calculus, will only become clearly visible once calculus is removed. This can make it very difficult to assess which teeth are causing problems prior to the delivery of the general anaesthetic. This can mean that a decision to remove affected teeth may be made only after starting the dental procedure.

Of course, when your pet is undergoing such a procedure, we will call and keep you updated on the progress and outcomes.

Does your pet need a dental examination or treatment?

You’ll always want your pet to be as comfortable and happy as possible; and surely be keen to avoid bad breath and the potential for harm caused by poor oral hygiene.

Effective dental care also means an animal can enjoy a fuller and better diet by being able to eat properly; and also a happier, longer life. From a simple examination and teeth cleaning, to more advanced procedures, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about pet dentistry and hygiene.

All it takes is a call to us at Normanhurst Vet Practice (incidentally we’re located very close to the railway station). Our number is (02) 9489 6000 or you can simply book an appointment online.