How we support community animal welfare

We know that a community which actively supports positive animal welfare behaviours and actions is a better place to live. As well as our own passionate team, many of our terrific clients also make a serious commitment and contribution to looking after the pets and animals who both enrich our lives and are entitled to the best we can offer them in return. Our Normanhurst Vet Practice team actively participate with community animal welfare groups, providing those vital veterinary services for creatures less fortunate than our own pets, or those in the loving care of our many clients.

We’re proud that our pro-bono work also extends to looking after injured wildlife, be they birds, reptiles or marsupials. We have met with Girl Guides and a local Rotary Club; and we are also proud to sponsor local schools and preschools, including covering both a day in the life of a vet, and offering tips for caring for their pets.

Helping less fortunate animals

Normanhurst Vet Practice offers help to a range of brilliant, committed animal welfare organisations:

Paws for Thought

A husband and wife group gently caring for, and then re-homing, older rescued pets, often abandoned in pounds and desperately in need of treatment to return them to proper health. This includes dealing with dental and many other ailments and, often, managing their arthritis. Paws for Thought

Greyhound Rescue

When these beautiful and so-friendly dogs retire from racing, they often need to be desexed and helped to adjust to home and family life. Greyhound Rescue has already helped to re-home over 800 Greyhounds and counting! Greyhounds do appreciate occasional short bursts of exercise. Then they are quite happy to join the rest of the family as relaxed couch potatoes – and they don’t shed as much hair as many of their new human companions! Greyhound Rescue

Maggie’s Rescue

A co-operative of carers who provide a terrific network of foster homes to look after both dogs and cats. Again, our team provide veterinary care, from aged cats to sick kittens. Once they are restored to health, they are also desexed where necessary. Maggie’s Rescue

Caring for our precious wildlife

Our team offer active support, and have presented at a local meeting, of WIRES (the 27-branch, 2500+ volunteer NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service). We also support Sydney Wildlife, who right across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area for over two decades now, have striven to look after those creatures that do so much to make Australia the unique environment of which we are all so proud and wish to passionately protect.

Helping to re-home cats of all ages

Our team actively care for both rescue kittens and adult cats. We then seek to find them loving and caring forever adoption homes – perhaps like yours?

Contact our team now

If you’d like to talk about re-homing a rescue cat or kitten, or to ask about any of these other great community animal welfare organisations, simply call us on 02 9489 6000.