Professional in-house pet pathology testing

Pet pathology is the process of laboratory evaluation of body tissue, blood or fluids to allow for the identification and assessment of a range of diseases which pets can fall victim to. When you visit many veterinary practices, you’ll often find that these services are outsourced to distant laboratories.

This can lead to annoying delays in diagnosis, as samples take their place in a queue; and even hold back the beginning of vital treatment for a range of conditions which can affect your pet. That’s why a great many of our clients are so relieved that, here at Normanhurst Vet Practice, we have invested in our own superb in-house pathology testing facilities to produce the swift and detailed results needed.

An introduction to our key pet pathology services

Pathology is of major benefit when there’s a need to examine blood. In fact, at Normanhurst Vet Practice, we routinely evaluate blood samples from every pet before surgery is performed. This is the case for all pets, both young and old, even those that are undergoing a more common or routine surgical procedure. The blood test results are helpful as normal results can give us peace of mind before a general anaesthesia, or in the event that results are abnormal they can direct our team to know how to best treat the pets in our care.

Using our superb facilities, we can examine blood cells, even testing the percentage present (a useful check for anaemia), number of red and white blood cells and platelets, and so much more. Blood biochemistry itself can be used for a wide range of test areas, including blood glucose levels, vital kidney functions, liver enzymes, kidneys, key proteins and electrolytes.

We offer a wide range of pathology services, including pet microscopy. As the name suggests, this involves using a microscope to examine both samples and other objects which cannot be effectively examined using the human eye unaided. This process can help identify bacteria and parasites, tumour cells, and other potentially harmful conditions.

A speedy diagnosis

This is often the key for early identification and then effective monitoring for many conditions. Many of the pet pathology tests we undertake can actually be completed while you wait – providing those vital quick results. Tests are also important in assessing an animal’s anaesthetic drugs tolerence before any invasinve procedure is undertaken.

How can we help?

If you are anxious about the health of your pet, then taking action early is the wisest move you can make. A call to our expert team here at family-owned Normanhurst Vet Practice, on 02 9489 6000, can give you the chance to tell us what your concerns are, and we can then take it from there. Don’t simply sit and worry, pick up your phone and give us a call!