Introducing our superb selection of pet products

We know that many of our pet-owning clients like to purchase toys and playthings for their pets. As well as these fun purchases, there’s always a need for grooming or pet products for transport. Many of these can often be difficult to find in standard shops and supermarkets; where you won’t find much in the way of friendly advice or professional help. Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop specialist outlet for all such needs?

Our pet product collection

As a family-owned local business, our team are as passionate about other people’s pets and animals as we are about our own. This is why we have gathered a wide selection of top quality pet products, ones that we ourselves are happy to both use and recommend, into this one place. This makes the buying easy – and at great prices too!

Which pet products are you looking for?

Our extensive range includes:

  • Cat litter trays and carry cages: helping keep your home clean and making any journeys more comfortable
  • Dog leads, harnesses and halts: for out-and-about times with all sizes, shapes and pulling powers of pet pooches and happy hounds
  • Grooming combs and brushes: kind but proven effective tools for making sure your pet is always seemingly sleek and looking so good
  • Shampoos and conditioners: pets do like dirt and mess. So these offer a great way to return them quickly to that looking good, not messing up your home, state!
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes: for beautifully sweet breath, utterly winning smiles, and truly healthy teeth and gums
  • Squeaky toys for younger dogs: from the simple to the more complex – providing vital stimulation and fun learning as they grow. Also provides nicely noisy clues as to just where they might currently be getting up to mischief when out of your sight for as moment!
  • Kongs: durable, chewable, unpredictably bouncing, classic dog toys for more energetic mutts. Generations of dogs have just loved them!

Come and see our wide range of pet toys and animal products for yourself

Simply pop into our clinic here at 31 Normanhurst Road. Our team will always take the time to talk you through through our product ranges, but unlike many stores with no must-buy hassle! We’ll be happy to discuss what might be best fun, and most appropriate, for your pet.

Incidentally, many of our products also make great gifts for passionate pet owners that you know!