Could you find a home for a rescue cat?

When you discover how passionate the team here at Normanhurst Vet Practice are about finding loving homes for rescue cats, you might think: do they practice what they preach? Well, currently among our team, Matt, Charlene, Michele, Kim and Shelley are proud parents of one or more. Feel free to ask them about the experience when you talk to them. Don’t expect a brief conversation; and there may well be pictures!

This is why, when you visit our practice, we’re always happy to introduce you to some beautiful, loving cats and kittens waiting hopefully for a new home. When we say ‘happy’ it’s only with mixed thoughts – we’d rather these wonderful animals never had to go through the process in the first place.

Equally, when we do find a wonderful new home for them, we’re sad to say goodbye, so quickly are we infused by their personalities and courage to survive what are often really bad times and awful situations.

When rescue cats arrive at our clinic

New arrivals often need medical treatment, perhaps having been badly treated or injured in an accident or maybe attack by other animals. So, our team’s first task is to bring them back to good health and fine condition. Sometimes they are understandably quite nervous, or even scared; so we introduce them to a new world of loving hugs and cuddles, and something they have sadly often never experienced before – playtimes! Gradually, their fear or anxiety fades away, to be replaced by love, and often by the emergence of cheeky personalities – each cat we rescue is most definitely an individual with its own traits and even quirks. This makes them even more fun to own!

The benefits of owning a cat

Many of those of our clients who adopt a rescue cat already have, or have had, cats in their lives before. They know the joy they bring. Cats have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which can often lead to lower blood pressure, and are noted for being a true friend, providing gentle companionship when times are tough.

They’re also a great way for younger kids to learn how to treat animals with kindness and appreciate the love they’ll get in return.

Are you our next rescue cat adopter?

If you are interested in considering introducing a rescue cat into your home and family, simply give our team a call on 02 9489 6000. We’ll always have an honest discussion, making sure you are fully aware of the commitment needed. Does this sound like you?