Expert and beneficial pet laser therapy treatment

One of the extensive range of superb veterinary services provided by our highly qualified and extremely experienced team of Vets here at family-owned Normanhurst Vet Practice is the provision of laser therapy procedures.

Laser therapy is a relatively recent, increasingly popular and well-used process, one which offers a non-invasive way of treating a range of conditions – you’ll find more details about these on this page. It works when the laser releases protons, tiny packets of light energy. These can penetrate deep into the affected tissue without causing any damage. Absorption into the cell itself then stimulates a chemical change that’s called photo-bio modulation. This leads to the production of the fuel that a cell needs to encourage the repair or rejuvenation process.

Undergoing a pet laser therapy treatment

This treatment is carried out in-house by one of our utterly dedicated, hugely experienced and highly trained team. There are no needles involved, unlike acupuncture, and sedation is not necessary. Your pet will simply experience some soothing warmth, or a slight tingling feeling due to the increased blood flow to the area under treatment, as the laser is used. Pet owners are invited to sit-in on the procedure if they wish; and many pets relax just as humans might if they were enjoying a relaxing massage.

Effective uses for pet laser therapy procedures

There are a wide range of key treatments which your pet can gain relief or benefit from by the use of laser therapy treatment. Here are several of the most common examples:

  • Alleviating pain and soreness in arthritic joints
  • Stimulating key trigger points to treat sore or tight muscles (much as acupuncture does)
  • Promoting faster levels of wound healing in areas where a surgery has been undertaken or trauma experienced
  • Encouraging wound repair and the regeneration of tissue
  • Improving blood flow; important in the fight against infection
  • Reducing the formation of scar tissue, often a source of chronic pain for many animals
  • Dealing with degenerative disc or joint diseases

Providing laser pet therapy procedures for your pet

Each animal is different, each condition has individual needs in terms of the length, frequency and number of sessions required. Laser therapy can also be part of a range of treatments.

If you are wondering if this would be right for your pet, we’ll always talk you through the procedure and specific needs of your pet before asking you to make any commitment to go ahead.

To find out more, just give us a call here at our clinic in Normanhurst Road, close to the station. Our number is 02 9489 6000 or you can drop us an email at