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Cruciate ligament surgery may be a requirement if your dog tears or ruptures a cruciate ligament in one or both legs. Moreover, some dogs may be more prone to tears and problems than others, requiring swift action to reduce pain and restore mobility. Our Normanhurst Vet Practice team offers comprehensive support for our four-legged patients. So, read on to learn more about this surgery and recovery:

As an in-depth surgery, your dog will be anaesthetised during the repair and stabilisation process. Medications will be administered to provide comfort and relief as well as to minimise the risk of complications such as infection. Some of these medications will be provided via patches on the skin and some will be administered as intravenous injections. Your dog will stay in hospital overnight so that intravenous fluids can be continued and so that the strong pain killers can be given throughout the night and into the next day. Your dog will be ready to go home the day after surgery and will be prescribed some oral medications to continue at home.

Aftercare for cruciate ligament surgery focuses on gradually re-introducing your pet to movement over time. The first 8 weeks after surgery, your dog will need to be strictly rested, which means that there is no leash walking, no stairs and certainly no running. 8 weeks after surgery we will take follow-up x-rays to review the healing of the knee. These x-rays will help our expert team to determine a long-term plan of weaning your pet back towards a full recovery.

When your dog leaves the vet, it’s important that their movement is restricted, which means no jumping, running, or climbing stairs for several weeks. While their surgical wound heals, crate rest can effectively reduce the risk of damage or pain. After x-rays are taken 8 weeks following surgery, and with planned veterinary advise from our team, re-introducing slow walks on stable surfaces, such as flat grass or pavements, is a good first step in recovery.

As local vets with extensive experience in cruciate ligament dog recovery and surgery, we’re the ideal option to help your pet gain full mobility after a rupture or tear. In addition, on-site facilities mean we can offer everything you and your furry family member need.

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