How can I look after my pets teeth?

It is good to get your pets accustomed to mouth check by positive training through offering treats from early age which will make mouth examination and oral brushing easier. Oral brushing is an effective way to remove plaque and tartar from teeth if done properly and regularly. Animal toothpaste does not contain fluoride and requires no rinsing. Please do not use human toothpaste on your pet. If your pets do not tolerate tooth brushing, then veterinary dry dental diet can effectively help to reduce build up of plaque and tartar by either mechanical or chemical way.

Other ways that may help to reduce plaque build up include anti-plaque substances which you can add into the drinking water; good quality dental treats or chew toy. We strongly recommend regular dental check up with your vet to detect any early sign of plaque/tartar build up or periodontal disease. Our team is more than happy to give you a demonstration of how to do homecare brushing, and ways to make oral homecare brushing a positive experience for you and your pet.