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Giving your pet the best quality of life means looking after every aspect of their health. Like humans, proper dental care should be a priority if you notice your pet experiencing any pain or problems. As specialists in pet dentistry, we’re the best choice as a ‘veterinary dentist near me’ to seek proper oral health services for your beloved family pets.

How do I know if my pet needs a dental procedure?

Dental problems can cause pain and difficulty for pets if they are left unchecked. Firstly, teeth that are unhealthy or damaged can easily crack or even fall out, leading to further problems. Secondly, infections and diseases can lead to more serious veterinary care if they aren’t treated. While it can sometimes be hard to tell if your pet is in pain, here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty eating
  • Missing teeth
  • Signs of pain around the mouth and nose
  • Clear build-up of calculus or impacted hair

Do pets need regular dental check-ups?

If you bring your pet into the practice for standard check-ups, we’ll look at their teeth and gums as part of a general examination. However, unless there’s a problem with their oral health, you won’t need to book a separate appointment for a dental checkup. As such, it’s crucial for your pet’s overall health that they have regular check-up appointments, usually on an annual basis.

What happens in a dental procedure for pets?

If your pet needs a dental procedure, it usually requires them to be put under a general anaesthetic. From there, our skilled team can quickly and effectively uncover the root of different oral

Veterinary Dentist Near Me

Veterinary Dentist Near Me

health problems. If required, we can thoroughly remove calculus and tartar to clean the teeth, allowing us a clear look at your pet’s mouth to diagnose and treat any problems.

Why choose Normanhurst Vet Practice for dental care?

As a local vet practice, we’re your ideal choice for vet dental services. Our proximity to the railway station and on-site parking makes us easy to reach, while our wide range of services covers many treatments your pet may require. Above all, we’re passionate about providing pets with the best possible care, including oral hygiene and health.

Make an appointment for pet dentistry

Do you think your pet needs treatment for a problem with its mouth or teeth? Book an appointment with our team by calling 02 9489 6000 for ‘veterinary dentist near me’ services. Our team will book you an appointment with our trained veterinary dentists.