Vet Clinic near Thornleigh

Your friendly local vet for Thornleigh residents

If you need a vet clinic in Thornleigh for your pet, Normanhurst Vet Practice is the local team you can trust. Our passionate, highly-trained specialists provide a range of routine and emergency services to keep local pets happy and healthy. Above all, we deliver high-quality care to every pet, from dental appointments to emergency call-outs. So, why not arrange a consultation with our team today?

Comprehensive vet services to keep your pet happy and healthy

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Normanhurst Vet Practice is the wide range of services we’re able to offer in-house. For instance, we have state-of-the-art equipment and training to provide surgical services, dentistry and other advanced treatments on-site. As a result, you’ll rarely need to travel to another place to give your pets the highest standard of care. Our services include:

  • Emergency consultations
  • Standard check-up consultations
  • Pet dentistry
  • Pet pathology
  • Desexing
  • Laser therapy
  • Emergency and scheduled surgical care
  • Behaviour services
  • Puppy training and preschool
  • Wildlife rehabilitation and care

Why choose Normanhurst Vet Practice?

As your local vet clinic Thornleigh service, Normanhurst Vet Practice has an excellent reputation for the care we offer and the services we cover. Above all, we provide peace of mind to pet owners, knowing their beloved family pets are in safe hands. Here’s why we’re the top choice for vet services in the Thornleigh area:

Expert services from skilled local professionals

Our friendly team of local professionals provide pets in Thornleigh with high-quality care. Firstly, we provide multiple services under one roof to ensure your pet gets the necessary care. Secondly, we support the community through our Mobile Vet Services, helping

Vet Clinic near Thornleigh

Vet Clinic near Thornleigh

those that cannot travel to our clinic. Finally, we provide around-the-clock emergency services to treat your pets promptly when they need our help the most.

A community-focused team dedicated to caring for animals

As part of the Thornleigh community, our team are passionate about outreach and awareness within the local area. For instance, we work with charities to care for and rehabilitate wildlife and stray animals. In addition, we provide puppy preschool and training to help socialise dogs from a young age and improve their quality of life.

Book an appointment for your pet at our vet clinic in Thornleigh

Do you need an appointment for your pet? Contact us at 02 9489 6000 to arrange a check-up or emergency appointment with our friendly team. Alternatively, book online for a routine consultation today. We’re here to help.