Your local vet near Westleigh

Professional vet services for pets of Westleigh residents

Normanhurst Vet Practice provides a range of veterinary services across the Westleigh area. Above all, our highly trained team is committed to a high standard of care for every pet we treat. So, whether your pet is overdue for a regular check-up or needs emergency treatment, you can trust our local vet in Westleigh. Book an appointment with our team today.

Complete coverage for most veterinary requirements

We’re more than your typical local vet. Our highly-trained team can offer a comprehensive range of different services for your pet. With our on-site resources, everything is under one roof, without needing to travel further afield to get your pet the best possible care. Our complete services include the following:

  • Emergency appointments
  • Standard check-up appointments
  • Oral health and pet dentistry
  • Pathology services
  • Desexing
  • Laser therapies
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Schedule surgical treatments
  • Behavioural analysis and support services
  • Puppy preschool and training classes
  • Rehab for wildlife and strays

Why choose Normanhurst Vet Practice?

As a highly trained team of passionate pet lovers, our specialists always provide high-quality care to every pet that needs our help.

Your local vet near Westleigh

Your local vet near Westleigh

Firstly, you can rest assured that we have everything necessary on-site for prompt emergency treatment. Secondly, our proximity to transport links makes reaching us easy and practical. Finally, our friendly team works with you to help your pets have happy, healthy lives. Here’s why we’re a good choice for vet Westleigh services:

A friendly local vet in your community

Our community-centric approach puts us at the heart of Westleigh and the surrounding area. For example, we frequently work with local groups and charities to raise awareness and provide care and rehabilitation for wildlife and stray animals. In addition, we also help to make our local community of pets happy and well-socialised with behaviour services, puppy preschool and training classes.

Services to suit you and your pet

Our comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands. We aim to provide services that suit you and your pet. Whether you require our Mobile Vet Service as you cannot travel to us or if you need emergency care for your pet in the middle of the night. First and foremost, we do our best to provide pets with excellent quality of life.

Book a consultation today for your local vet in Westleigh

Do you need a new vet in Westleigh? Contact us at 02 9489 6000 to arrange an initial consultation with our team. Alternatively, book an appointment online for our local clinic. Above all, our friendly team are here for you and your pet.