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Are you looking for a local vet near Wahroonga? Normanhurst Vet Practice provides a safe of specialist services for your four-legged friends. Do you need a consultation for a recurring health problem? Have a last-minute emergency call-out situation? Above all, our skills team goes the extra mile to deliver care that keeps your pet happy and healthy. We offer it all in our well-equipped vet hospital, from routine check-ups to vaccinations and ongoing therapy. So, get in touch with us on the phone to book a consultation.

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Our local Wahroonga vet services

Need to find a new vet in Wahroonga? Our well-equipped vet hospital covers a wide range of in-house services. First and foremost, we’re available for emergency appointments when you need them. Secondly, we offer consults, dental treatment and routine surgeries such as desexing. Finally, we work with the local community to support organisations and pet works to provide the highest standards of care.

The services as a vet in Wahroonga include:

  • Emergency consultations
  • Vet appointments
  • Pet dentistry
  • Urgent and routine surgical services
  • Desexing
  • Laser therapy
  • Pet pathology
  • Pet behaviour advice
  • Puppy preschool
  • Local wildlife and domestic rescue care

Why choose Normanhurst Vet Practice?

Thanks to our flexibility and high-quality services, we’re the ideal local vet for your pet in the Wahroonga area. For example, we offer care seven days a week to local pets. Our practical location makes us easy to reach by car or train for ease of access. So, if you have an emergency or a scheduled consult, our team are always here to help. In addition, our comprehensive on-site facilities provide a range of services you can’t access in a standard vet clinic.

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Why choose Normanhurst Vet Practice? Here are some of the key reasons we’re the top local vet for Wahroonga:

A friendly, local team of experts

Our top priority is providing the care your pet needs. Our friendly and skilled team always goes the extra mile to improve pet health and happiness to achieve this goal. Whether you’re scheduling a check-up or your pet needs long-term care, we’re dedicated to helping you. For example, we’ll always take the extra steps to make you and your pet feel right at home.

Complete coverage in our fully-equipped hospital

Many local vet clinics don’t have the means or resources to provide every healthcare service. However, our status at a vet hospital provides access to additional resources for high-quality care. Desexing surgery, dentistry and a range of therapies are available. As a result, when you choose Normanhurst Vet Practice, you have peace of mind that every service is covered in-house. No transportation or additional costs required.

We’re pet enthusiasts

The Normanhurst Vet team are enthusiastic about animals of all types. This passion extends to the community initiatives we support. For instance, we work with wildlife and domestic organisations to ensure all animals receive the best standard of care. Above all, we’re committed to helping pets live happy, healthy lives with the owners that care for them.

Access your local pet community

Alongside our medical appointments and surgical services, our team also offers other care for pets. For instance, we provide behavioural therapy for pets needing extra help. Likewise, we also offer puppy preschool classes, a popular option for socialising and training pups from a young age. We care about our community and do all we can to help local pets to thrive.

We go mobile with VetVan

We understand that not all of our patients have the time or resources to come directly to us for pet care. VetVan is our solution to this problem. We provide care on your doorstep with complete coverage across the Upper North Shore and surrounding locations. Quality pet care should be available to everyone, and that’s exactly what our mobile service delivers.

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Vet Wahroonga I Normanhurst Vet

Book a vet consultation today if you are near Wahroonga

Want to make an appointment? You can start by getting in touch with our team. Firstly, let us know what kind of appointment you need. From there, we can book you in for a time and date that suits you. Our friendly team is here to help.